Analytical Platforms

For decades now, scientists have used mass spectrometers to accurately measure different types of molecules in samples. Despite the unquestionable analytical power of mass spectrometry, mass spectrometry remains a specialized platform requiring highly-trained technicians to operate.

When we began identifying metabolic imbalances associated with different diseases, we envisioned a simple mass spectrometry approach that would enable to process thousands of clinical samples per day with a high degree of accuracy and quality that could be operated with ease.

We simplified the complexity of mass spectrometry by rethinking every aspect of the workflow from sample preparation to reporting of patient results. The outcome is an integrated platform containing a vertical dual-source triple-quadruple mass spectrometer that can deliver over 1000 patient results per day, complete with integrated quality reporting and patient results reporting. Our prodrome screening kits are designed to work in perfect harmony with the platform.

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