Prevention is the Best Treatment

Therapeutics Research Infographics

Our risk tests identify when a person is in a disease prodrome state (top figure). Our therapeutic products are designed to correct the metabolic imbalance of the prodrome state before it causes the disease to develop (bottom panel).

We often associate therapeutics with chemicals or drugs that physicians use to treat diseases after they develop. Our therapeutics are different. We design them to correct the underlying metabolic imbalances before symptoms appear, based upon your body’s own biochemistry. By eliminating a disease prodrome state through metabolic restoration, our goal is to prevent the disease from ever developing.

Think of scurvy as an analogy, a disease that results from an extended period of vitamin C deficiency. The solution is simple – by treating deficient patients with synthetic vitamin C, scurvy is preventable. Our therapeutic approaches are similar.

The Alzheimer’s disease prodrome is represented by an inability to make sufficient quantities of a specific lipid called a plasmalogen, which is critical for the function of neurons. The Alz-ID™ test identifies who has the Alzheimer’s disease prodrome by measuring reduced plasmalogen levels in the blood.

Our Alzheimer’s disease therapeutic program is based on the design of a synthetic plasmalogen compound that restores plasmalogen levels to normal in these subjects. Through biochemical restoration of the plasmalogen lipid system, our goal is to prevent cognitive decline in normal people with the deficiency, and improve cognitive function in symptomatic patients.