How We Do It

Research Population Infographics

Our research begins by comparing metabolite levels between people with diseases and healthy controls. Our technology finds differences in metabolite levels between healthy subjects (gray bars) and patients with different diseases (colored bars). We then design tests that identify risks for specific diseases based on these abnormal metabolite levels.

The human body tells us when to eat and sleep. It makes us aware of a developing cold so we can rest and recover. However, our bodies cannot tell us the point in time when we begin to transition into a prodrome state. This is because during the prodrome, biochemical changes are happening in the body that you cannot perceive.

What you cannot feel – we can detect.

To identify these metabolic changes, we developed and patented a unique technology that allows us to see thousands of metabolites in a blood sample all at the same time. We use this technology to compare the metabolite patterns of people with a disease to those without disease. Differences in metabolite levels between the two groups represent biomarkers of the disease.

Identifying these metabolic differences allows us to understand how the disease develops, design tests to identify high-risk people, and build therapies to correct the imbalance.