Our Extended Team

Our research would not be possible without our collaborators. We routinely engage academic institutions, key opinion leaders, specimen biobanks, and other industries around the world to work with us on discovering and developing our products.

Research Collaborators Infographic

Typically, our collaborators contribute clinical samples and expertise about a disease, while we provide access to state-of-the-art technology and analytical expertise. Together, we share and interpret data, and co-author findings. Our collaborators often use the results to further their own research and seek additional funding through grants.

Collaborators also work with us on our therapeutics programs. From preclinical animal model studies to longitudinal clinical trials, our collaborators use our therapeutic compounds to address specific questions in their own research programs, while we collect important information on bioavailability and efficacy.

We often provide in-kind contributions in the form of analytical services for academic research grants. Please contact us if you think you have a project that is suited for metabolomics analysis or you are interested in partnering with us to help further your own research.