Alix Hayden

VP of Business Operations and Communications

Alix brings more than fourteen years’ experience in project, strategy, operations, and communications management, built on a foundation of experience in biotech bench research. Alix joined Phenomenome in 2002, and her primary responsibilities include oversight of the company’s marketing and communications activities; product development gating systems; enterprise project management tools and systems; development, implementation and monitoring of the company’s strategic plan; and oversight of our Human Resources and Information Technology functions.

Dr. Shawn Ritchie

Director, Biomarker Discovery & Validation

Dr. Ritchie received his Ph.D in Biochemistry from the University of Saskatchewan, and has been with Phenomenome since 2002. His division is responsible for the discovery and clinical validation of biomarkers for different diseases using PDI’s non-targeted metabolomics technology. Dr. Ritchie’s primary responsibilities include the experimental design of projects, metabolomic data analysis, tandem MS method development, software design, clinical trials, and scientific communications.

Michelle Gursky

Director of Legal Affairs

Michelle is responsible for oversight and management of the legal affairs department, delivery of legal services to Phenomenome Discoveries Inc. and its subsidiaries, and oversight of the corporation’s intellectual property portfolio. Ms. Gursky joined Phenomenome Discoveries Inc. as legal counsel in 2006 and was named Director of Legal Affairs in 2013.