We believe that part of our corporate responsibility is to support local communities in their efforts to promote and grow a health aware eco-system. Connecting with our community enables us to develop and build on new and existing relationships. We are proud to support organizations such as the Alzheimer’s Society of Saskatchewan, CCNP Annual Meeting (Canadian College of Neuropsychopharmacology), Weigers Care for Kids, Riderville, World Endoscopy Organization, JP Biomedical, Canadian Tire Jumpstart, and the , just to name a few.

Our employees are our best ambassadors. Their strong involvement with local charities exemplifies a genuine alignment with our corporate commitment.

Join us in facilitating the power of community and the strength of connection. You can do this in a number of ways:

Many of you continue to share your personal experiences with us. You share your stories, your music, and your artwork. We recognize the impacts of these are of great value to others.

Share Your Story

If any disease we research affects you or someone close to you, and you would like to share your experience or story with our community, feel free to contact us.

Dedicate Your Creativity

We believe that creative expression is not only therapeutic, but provides connection, inspiration, and strength.

“What we cannot express by the art of thinking, by the art of science or philosophy or logic, we can and should express by the poetic, visual, or some other arts.” (Naum Gabo)

Contact us to share your creativity with our community; we would love to help spread your message to the world. Or follow us on Twitter and Facebook and share your creativity there. We’re watching!

Get To Know Us

Come by and take a tour. It’s a great way to ask questions and it gives us the opportunity to be a gracious host. You will leave with more knowledge about what we do and how we do it. It might even inspire you to get involved at a deeper level. To schedule a tour at our headquarters in Saskatoon, please contact us.