Clinical Trials

Clinical trials are an important aspect of our health research. We conduct them to assess the safety and efficacy of new therapeutics and medical devices. They are also required by federal agencies to approve and license these products. The basis of clinical trials is dependent on a good number of volunteers. You can help Phenomenome’s clinical trial team by getting involved in our trials. We give back to the global academic community by donating our data and research technology in selected collaborative research efforts. We know that human capital is the best investment. Our longstanding work with Rush University Medical Center, Dr. Thérèse Di Paolo of Laval University, McGill UniversityADNI (Alzheimer’s Disease Neuroimaging Initiative), The Jonty Foundation, and Precision Med. Inc. exemplifies our commitment to identifying the risk for disease early on and developing targeted preventative intervention strategies.

Please connect with  us on for updates on new clinical trials.