Vision of Wellness

We believe that effective disease prevention starts with the accurate and precise measurement of disease risk that is actionable. After taking a small sample of blood from an individual, we look at naturally occurring markers for diseases in a safe, easy, and understandable manner. If someone has too little, or too much, of one of these markers, they may go on to develop a disease in their life.

The good news is that these markers are part of your natural biochemistry. With proper, targeted intervention, restoration to optimal levels is possible. By monitoring and adjusting people regularly and early enough in their lives, we can prevent diseases from ever occurring.

We see a future where everyone is cared for worldwide with easy-to-access tests. Our goal is to deliver such tests with companion therapies designed to correct prodromal imbalances based on the body’s natural biochemistry. In this manner, diseases can, and will, be prevented before they even have a chance to develop.